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Product Insight

Product Insight was founded to provide technology firms with guidance on how to create and bring products to market that meet customers' needs.  



  • B2B Enterprise Software & SaaS Firms: Any Industry

  • Mobile | IoT | Cloud | Cyber | Startups | Healthcare

Typical Client Scenarios Who Look to Product Insight for Help

  • Need for Real-world Mentoring Rather Than Books or Training

  • Lack of Market Data to Base Critical Decisions

  • Mismatch Between Business Goals & Product Strategy

  • Competitive Need For Differentiation & Innovation

  • Lacking Vision To Gain Customer Confidence

  • Struggling To Have Strong Product Team While Remaining A Sales Focused Company

  • M&A Driven Product Reconciliation Needs

Our Team


Stephen Newman
Founder / Principal Consultant | Phone: 678.740.3702

With 20+ years of pioneering innovation for technology firms, Stephen now enables C-Suites, Boards, and Investors to achieve clarity on their sales roadmap.  Stephen helps clients identify their target customers and the problems they urgently need to solve. Further, he helps clients sharpen their product strategy and determine if their product team possesses the skills and discipline to succeed. Stephen believes in sales focused companies that have the product and vision to attract and retain customers. With executive leadership experience in cybersecurity, enterprise software development, and a wide range of startups, he brings organizational acumen to align with your team and drive your business forward. 

Prior to founding Product Insight, Stephen served as the SVP of Products for SecureAuth + Core Security. Previous roles included CTO and VP of Products & Strategy for Damballa and product leadership roles at McAfee, Secure Computing, MegaPath, EarthLink and several startups. Stephen empowers teams through insight and guidance while applying ‘Lean Startup’ principles alongside Agile development processes.

Unique Value Proposition

  • Product Executive - 25 Years of Delivering Impact

  • Product Strategist & Innovation Leader

  • Strong Talent Assessment Skills & Team Development

  • Fosters Cross-functional Alignment Between PM and Sales | Marketing | R&D | Support

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit | Lean Startup Approach


  • Technology: HW, SW, Telecom, Internet (25 Years)

  • Cyber Security (17 Years)

  • Telecom (5 Years)

  • Consumer Electronics (5 Years)


  • Consulting for Healthcare Tech | Legal Tech | Cyber Security | Network Infrastructure | Business Operations Software | Mobility Payments | Talent Identification Software | Wearables

  • SecureAuth + Core Security (2 Years): SVP Products

  • Damballa (7 Years): CTO / VP Products

  • McAfee / Secure Computing (2 Years): Dir. Products

  • MegaPath / Netifice (2 Years): Sr. Product Marketing Manager

  • EarthLink (2 Years): Sr. Product Manager

  • Support Center Technologies (1 Year): Dir. Products

  • ZapMedia (1 Year): Dir. Products

  • i2Go (1 Year): Dir. Products

  • Boston Acoustics (3 Years): Product Management & Lead Electrical Engineer


  • Georgia Tech: MS Electrical Engineering

  • Johns Hopkins: BS Electrical Engineering

Video Gallery

We have fun helping our clients and while Product Management and Product Marketing is a serious discipline, we also like to be creative and build lighthearted ways to promote our services.  We hope you enjoy.

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All Videos

All Videos
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