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Product Market Fit is the key to strong product adoption and revenue growth. Product Insight believes this is best achieved by performing 'Customer Discovery' to understand what you are selling and to whom. Built on the foundations of Eric Ries "The Lean Startup", Ash Maurya's "Running Lean" and 20+ years leading product organizations, Product Insight brings tactical execution to tried and true strategies to achieve Product Market fit. 

Product Market Fit

Our Method

Achieving Product Market fit is an iterative process, but one that can (and likely should) start before you write a single line of code and is composed of two phases:

Phase 1: Customer Discovery
  • Identifying the Problem / Solution Fit - What problems are pervasive and painful enough for the prospect to write you a check and do you have a compelling approach or technology to solve that problem

  • Test ideas with prospects: Wireframes and drawings are a great place to start, you don't need working code to test your proposed solution with the market and understand if your solution ideas will be a fit to address the prospects' problems.

  • Develop proposed sales funnels: Test the market to understand your potential path to revenue. Don't build something that doesn't have a pathway to market.

  • Iterate on above until you can develop with certainty a minimum viable product to take to market. 

Phase 2: Customer Validation
  • Product Market Fit: Armed with an MVP, prove to yourself the market is willing to buy.  You don't have product market fit until you can replicate your sales process and illustrate growth. If you can't achieve repeatable sales, go back to Phase 1.

  • Fine tune your business model: Learn from your sales efforts to build out a reasonable growth model for your business, identifying what will be needed to scale and factor that into your planned investment.

  • Develop a Sales and Marketing roadmap: Strategize on how you intend to ramp sales and marketing, testing those plans before you transition into full fledge 'Customer Creation' where you scale your business. 

Product Insight helps customers establish the discipline necessary to strategically and tactically execute this process, avoiding costly development, sales, and marketing expenses before you reach both product / solution fit and product / market fit.

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