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Go To Market efforts span a wide range of activities all which play a critical role in a product's success. Often, we see organizations have some of the efforts covered, but lack the complete strategy which results in a failed GTM implementation. We help clients by first assessing their strategy against our GTM framework, then identify with the client what areas they wish to improve upon.  

GTM Assessments and Execution

Our Method

Product Insight's Go To Market framework is a derivative of the Chasm Institute's "9-Point Strategy Checklist", boiled down into six key focus areas:

  • Target Customer Discovery

  • Compelling Reason to Buy

  • Pricing

  • Competition

  • Positioning

  • Product Launch Efforts

While frameworks serve as a great high-level model, Product Insight's product management consulting experts focus on helping our clients execute on each component, often hand-in-hand with our client's team so they benefit from Product Insight's deliverables and learn how to carry the efforts forward after the engagement with Product Insight is complete. 

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