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Your product's positioning / messaging is just as important, if not more important than your technology. You must message to both the buyer and practitioner persona in a compelling, authentic manner or the chances of hitting your product's growth potential will be low. Product Insight helps client's perform early market analysis to understand their buyers' problems, job responsibilities, and needs. We help clients develop their value proposition canvas and jobs to be done canvases to identify exactly how they should message their offering.  These efforts are equally valuable to Product Management and Product Marketing teams.

Develop Compelling GTM Messaging 

Our Method

Rising through the noise of competitor messaging is tough, but we believe authenticity wins out over hype. You achieve authenticity by listening to your prospective buyers and articulating how your solution solves their problems in a unique and compelling way.  Seems simple when you state it that way, but it requires discipline.  We always orient toward finding concise ways to articulate your value proposition.  To guide our clients, we utilize techniques such as:

  • Lean Business Canvas Development

  • Jobs To Be Done Canvas Development by Personas

  • Value Proposition Canvas Development by Personas

  • Creating Messaging Source Documents to serve the framework for any collateral

  • Articulating you positioning using Narrative Maps (we like the book "brief" by Joseph McCormack

While clients could simply read up on these techniques, we find that putting them into practice is a little harder and experience matters.  At Product Insight, we extract out the best principles of these techniques and put them to work for our clients.

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