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Roadmap creation, prioritization, and communication are all critical elements to achieve your Product Vision.  Often teams lack the market data, the criteria for prioritization, or the time to lift their heads from their daily pressures to establish a strategic roadmap.  A strong product incorporates customer, prospect, and market needs alongside your corporate and product vision to enable your team to make difficult decisions.  

Designing Your Product Roadmap

Our Method

To assist your organization in the creation of your 18 to 24 month roadmap, Product Insight engages in a process to:

  • Identify where your product falls into its product lifecycle and growth potential / growth matrix

  • Develop a full technical and market-based SWOT analysis

  • Determine focus areas to address market needs for your roadmap

  • Establish prioritization criteria

  • Draft a product roadmap

  • Review and finalize product roadmap with your product council or customer advisory board

  • Develop content to help communicate and evangelize the new roadmap both internally and externally

The process is inclusive and pulls key stakeholders from across the organization into workshops and brainstorming sessions to build alignment. By using product management consulting experts, our clients report the result is a clear roadmap that aligns teams and excites prospects and customers.

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