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Product Management and Product Marketing courses from the likes of Pragmatic Marketing, the 280 Group, Product School or others can provide some good foundational/theoretical understanding of the job, but Product Insight clients have shared they desire more real-world coaching. For this reason, we customize our mentoring engagements to the needs of each client and typically pick a project that we work on together, delivering side-by-side coaching on high impact efforts. This accomplishes 2 things:

  1. Heightened focus and strong deliverables on a key project important to the business with expert guidance by Product Insight

  2. Impactful transfer of knowledge to the recipient, both strategic and tactical that helps them grow. Coaching applies to all levels: Executives, Directors, Sr. Managers, or Product Management / Product Marketing team members. 

Coaching / Mentoring

Our Method

Product Insight customizes our coaching / mentoring engagements based on your specific needs. All aspects of Product Management, Product Marketing, or Executive coaching are within scope. Projects can be delivered on retainer or on fixed fee based on scope of effort. While each engagement is customized, our general approach is to:

  • Work with the executive sponsor to identify goals and objectives

  • Identify one to three projects that align to both corporate objectives and the needs of the mentee

  • Scope the project, establish a game plan, and engage

  • Through the project we highlight the strategic concepts along with the tactical training necessary to succeed

  • It's a joint development project, not just a coach telling the mentee what to do.  Product Insight has deliverables to providing the ability to teach through example 


The process of one-on-one coaching helps take the mentee's experience and career skills to the next level. 

Sample engagements include but are not limited to:

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